Everything About Ceramic Decals
             All the Quotes
                                  Decal Wit and Wisdom

Culled from the pages of an overwrought website, snatched from the caverns of

a fading memory, and distilled for your edification, here are... All The Quotes


“There are no ugly decals. Just ugly decorating.”


“If you have an Artist’s eye, but not an Artist’s hand, decals are a legitimate creative solution.”


“Remember, a good decal, properly stored, has an indefinite shelf life.”


“Creativity thinks, ‘But what if I… ’”


“A Laborer works with his hands. A Craftsman works with his hands and his head. An Artist works with his hands, and his head, and his heart.”


“One design, in only one size, can decorate a piece in at least a dozen different ways.”


“Be the Decal! Overwhelm the ware!”


“In all kiln firing, ‘Slow is our Friend’. In heating up and in cooling down. In High Fire ware and in Low Fire ware. In Bisque firing, in Glaze firing, and in Overglaze firing. Slow is our Friend.”


“The general rule is ‘If the decal goes on well, it should fire well,’”


“Down-Draft Kiln Vents pay for themselves by doubling the life of the kiln’s firing elements and by making all fired colors brighter.”


Decals are a good choice for decorating an individual piece. Decals are the best choice when you want to do a set of pieces or multiple pieces. Decals are the ONLY choice for mass production of anything that is design decorated. [Yeah, I know about direct screening, but when you direct print, you HAVE to do a large run to achieve efficiency. Whereas with decals, you can decorate according to demand and leave the rest of your ware undecorated for other projects. The Profit Principle of Inventory Control makes decals the only choice for mass production.]

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