Everything About Ceramic Decals
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Send a check or M.O. to our address indicating which titles you want. Add $4 for Priority Mail postage per order (not per item). We'll get it to you.

 Decal Ideas CD

You could go to the Galleries Links and individually open each image to it's largest size and copy and save it, which will take about 2 hours, or...

You can buy this CD with all the images which also has a program called "Flip Album" which makes viewing a pleasure and auto boots whenever you stick the CD in your computer. Neat.

 Close-out Decals

A CD containg the images from the "Discontinued Specials" Link.

These are simply JPEG images which one can view on their Windows Explorer.

Note: Most of the images were scanned and saved in their actual size, so if you have a viewing program that has "ruler bars" on the top and bottom (like Photoshop), you can see exactly how large the decal is.

 Ceramics on Parade

Over 450 images of over 50 different decorating techniques (of which "Decals" is only 1). This is from another Seminar I do which is a complete overview of the Fired Arts.

Again, in "Flip Album" format", and again, very neat.

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