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I may be contacted in a variety of ways

 By mail at: 

Jon Simmons
c/o Blessing Simmons Co., Inc.
1106 Bates St.
Indianapolis, IN  46202 

By phone at:


By email at:


I don’t really like to be contacted by email. Call me or write me. I’ll call you back.

 Having said that, I really would appreciate your comments about this site. What was helpful? Any typos? Do you have any additional information? Would you like a picture of a decal decorated piece posted in the image gallery? These kind of things I would LOVE to get by email. The emails that bog me down are the ones that require answers and recommendations. Those are easier for me to answer by phone.


 Besides selling Decals and teaching Seminars, I also do Small Business Consulting. Naturally I specialize in the Fired Arts Studios (Traditional, Contemporary, and Potters), but I actually am pretty gifted at "jazzing" any Small Business by analyzing their Merchandising, Marketing, and Advertising.

"How much?", you ask?

Well, unlike almost any consulting firm, I'll tell you.

$500 per day plus Traveling Expenses (which if I happen to be in your nieghborhood during one of my trips equals "zero").

Want to boost your sales 10% to 20% GUARANTEED?

Call Me.
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