Everything About Ceramic Decals
Psst... Hey, Buddy! Want to buy a Decal?
                                       Buy me! Buy me!

Hey, You!  Yeah, You!  Want to buy a decal? Yeah, yeah, they’re the good stuff. Right over here, yeah, that’s right. Just press this button



But before you do, citizen, remember, the path to close-out decals only leads to more decaling. It’s a never ending cycle. Decorate. Buy more. Decorate. Buy more. Decorate. Buy more. A dismal future for an otherwise respectable citizenry. Think twice before you press… that… button


The “Secret Code of the Pattern Number” works as follows:

xxx-x-xxxx-x-(.xx) describes a pattern number with 5 sections

The first section xxx is the actual Pattern Number

The second section x is the size number

The Third section xxxx is how many decals were in inventory

The fourth section x is… I forgot

The fifth section (.xx) is the price per decal

Please note: This listing is not like a decal company listing or a catalog listing. These are decals that I have available for close-out purchasing only. You must contact me personally to discuss which patterns you are interested in and in what quantity.

Expect poor service inasmuch as I travel half the year doing Seminars and Decal Parties and am not at home to ship these upon request. Call me. We’ll discuss prices and delivery dates. Remember, the more you buy, the crazier my discount will be.

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