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Decals used anywhere and everywhere

 Combining or cutting apart Decals to make new or larger Designs

The fact that they can be cut apart exploits one of the greatest versatilities of Decals.

Note: The pictures in this Gallery are all by Mr. Kulp (see Kulp House Gallery)

Firing one decal on top of another decal (recommend 2 firings)

Over All  Decorating is when you cover a piece or an area  with...

An “All-Over” decal, or,

Fill in with smaller decals

Using the same decal in a variety of ways and with a variety of techniques

Monotone is using a decal that has a predominant color theme. By using a lot of that decal, you theme the ware to that color. Monotone is not necessarily using a one color decal.

1) Use on clear glaze

2) Use on a lightly colored glaze that is the same or a complimentary color


Candles are an example of "Cold Mounting".
Cold Mounting is whenever you decorate with a Fired Decal but do not intend to fire it.

You can Cold Mount on any smooth surface. Further sealing is helpful but not necessary. 

Surfaces that can be Cold Mounted:
• Candles
• Soap
• Windshields
• Plastic lamp shades
• Plexiglas
• Plastic bags
• Eyeglasses
• Window glass
• High gloss wall paint
• Vinyl contact paper
• Shower doors
• Metal surfaces

You can Decoupage (seal in with a clear drying top coat) any of the above surfaces, plus…
• Wood
• Stone
• Bricks
• Any hard surface

Borders, Wraps, & Strips can  be adapted from many directions:

1) Decals made for that   purpose
2) Cut out from a larger decal
3) Draped over edge of piece, and excess trimmed off (This is a goody!)
4) Small decals placed in a row (The most common method)
• tight border
• loose border
• staggered sizes (e.g., large-small-small-large)
• portion sliced off to bring decals even closer together

• tiny decals in a tight border

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